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We make pessaries.

A pessary is a support device that is placed in the vagina to support the areas of a pelvic organ prolapse, i.e. hoist it all up and keep things in place.

Pessaries are about as old school as medical devices get. Hippocrates wrote about slicing a pomegranate in half, soaking it in wine and placing it in your hoo-ha to keep everything . We do things a little differently over here.

Unfortunately, although the original theory of a pessary is sound, the actual designs have not kept up with the times. We base ours on (the few) anatomical studies published on vaginal measurements. Genius, no? Or completely obvious but overlooked by many of the pessary makers that have product on the market.

We wish they were called splints or supports because the word pessary makes us think about suppositories for thrush, which these most certainly are not. These are un-medicated, support devices. We call them by our acronym POP (pelvic organ pessary) because POP sounds fun.

About us

We are a young, innovative, Australian medical device company. We target a super specific niche of gynaecology but an area that affects up to 50% of females at some stage in their life. 1 in 5 women will seek surgical intervention. Prolapse is an unspoken aspect of female health that affects sexual function, exercise, daily activities and body image.


Our products are distributed by IMEDCARE.